The man ran.

Diana glared at the sheet of binder paper in front of her. One damn hour, and she had only written one firetrucking sentence! ONE. SENTENCE!

"This is unacceptable!" she half-groaned/half-screamed, banging her head against her desk. Nooooo, Diana!!! Don't bang your head against the desk. You'll lose the few brain cells you have left! Come with me to Caaaandylaaand.

"Oh noes! It's the voice again! And there is no such thing as Candyland!"

Shuuuun the non-believer! Shuuuuun!

And so, to this moment, I still have writer's block. And that, alas, is why I STILL haven't finished rewriting chapter one of Boundaries of Reality. Not that the voice in my head is helping much.