Halloween is just around the conner ladies and gentlemen, So I decided that I might have a little contest of sorts. I know we are all used to different story writing contest, but I thought that maybe we could have a contest that requires a character profile.

Now, Here are the rules

1) As the contest is in halloween, The characters have to be based on a monster, or folktale ect.

2) The profile must be detailed, things such as age, gender, and a photo making it look like a wikipeida page would certainly make you more likely to win

3) You cannot use an already published character page

4) To avoid the "Twilight problem" whatever type of monster your character is cannot be without weakness (Also they can't sparkle if a vampire)

5) They must be done by halloween night.

Follow those rules and you should be fine. Happy Hallowen!

three days until the due date.



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Anguta by User:Avetzan1

Mekhi by User:DepressingCloud

Millicent by User:DraculaFan