Alright, I got this Idea yesterday, considering all the work I have (And of course, most of the people who have work on Serpentine Servant) put a lot of time and effort into my fictional world, and to be honest it's been some of the best fun I've had in a long time. Then I had a thought, what if I just fell in some where in Manvadrasia? Then I thought about what would happen if my fellow writers here had that happen too them, and thus this contest was born.

So now with that long intro; here are the rules.

1. Your stories must not crossover with any active story in the universe. (they can take place around the same time, but they must not interact.)

2. It must have you being in an established location (i.e. Ivore, Dunlisk, The Ashlands.) however you can create the flora and appearance of the area.

3. if you really want to, you can become any race on that universe.

4.they must be turned in by 8/13/14

5. You must have fun writing the story.

Thank you for reading, post your entries down below.