Summer is a character in School of Secrets Series.

Summer Ochoa
8th Grader
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown at the moment
Current age 13 (8th Grader)
Gender Female
Family Unnamed parents
Status Alive
Eye Color Bluey Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'8
Alias Fall, Spring, Winter, Elite
Affiliation Self
Weapons Anything she can get her hands on in the school
Species human
Home New York, New York
Appearances School of Secrets


Before BirthEdit

Her mother and father were both millionaires and CIA agents, but kind of retired when they had Summer.


Her parents did not retire completley, but just from going on missions. They were always busy and never had much time for her, so her butler mostly raised her. When she was 11 she got the invitation to the Hale Institute. She started training when she was twelve like most other students.

School of Secrets SeriesEdit

If At First You Don't Succeed, Spy Spy AgainEdit


Smart alecky and rude, Summer gets detention alot. Her personality is describe as being much like Sam Puckett's. Though she does have a soft spot for those she likes. Other than that she is quiet and always plotting revenge somehow.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Summer has long dark brown hair that goes down longer than her shoulders and hazel eyes that are more blue than green. Her face is splashed with freckles. She wears pre-ripped jeans and tries to look like Hayley Williams with her natural brown hair (Hayley's true hair color is brown). Summer does not care about her appearance much and wears pretty much anything thats thrown around her private dorm. Oddly it all looks good together. She is limber and agile, making her a good student.


Fluently speaks French

Is excellant at subterfuge