Orca's Deserve Justice!Edit

Killer whales, like most animals, hunt. They are very good at this. It is because that that they are called killer whales. Their original name is Orca. They shouldn't be called Killer whales just because there are extremely good at hunting. They must hunt to survive. Other animals hunt too, and they are not called names like killer bears! They are just made in a way that they are extremely good at hunting, it isn't their fault. Orca is a perfectly good name! In the following paragraphs I will try and prove my point. The Great White Shark (for instance) is even more fierce than a Killer whale, and yet it just so happened to get "killer " in its name. And that isn't fair, at all. And after that nickname was created everyone now recognizes the Orca as the Killer whale. It's okay to have a nickname but Killer whale is a rather extreme. They hunt as a family so it isn't appropriate to call them Killer whales. Foxes, bears, wolfs, sharks, coyotes, dingoes and many others hunt, so Orcas (of all the hunters) just so happened to end with a nickname like Killer whale. And despite their name they rarely harm humans! Which makes their name even more unreasonable. Whoever thought up the name Killer whale mustn't of thought it through very carefully, at all. They're really just called Killer whales because they are good hunters, which as I have said before isn't fair. And it just so happens that the Killer whale is really kind of the opposite of what they should be really called. They were made good at hunting for a certain reason (to help control the population of its prey) and when you call them Killer whales you are kind of blaming them for it. Can they help it if they have to eat? We hunt and many animals besides Killer whales do! Which makes calling Orcas Killer whales even more unreasonable! Orcas are cute and perform for people and yet they are called Killer whales. It is unreasonable and unfair. Cats eat birds and yet people have them for pets. Bears eat many animals and yet people call them teddy bears. Orcas hunt too, but no other hunting animals have "kill" in their name! Killer whales also entertain people in shows. Which are very popular and have to pay money to see the shows so people are making money off Killer whales but call them killers. So it would be a lot more reasonable to just call them Orcas.

- Puppy Love