Thumbnail23 I heard an explosion and momemments later,I saw Adeline lying on the ground.

"Adeline!"I yelled.I ran towards her,I heard her heart beating slowly like it wanted to stop.

"Adeline,don't leave me,even if I manage to destroy that power plant life wouldn't matter if you're not with me,don't go Adeline!"

She smiled.She knew this was comming,yet she doesn't seem to care.She's prepared to die.

"Brother don't lose hope,We promise each other remember?We'll bring humanity back in this town right?We are afterall the last hope of humanity.Brother I love you,bring hope back to"

Adeline's eyes closes.I remembered my friend once told me the last sense that remains on a dead body was hearing.(this is true by the way)

"I promise,Adeline.I'll bring hope back in this world full of suffering"

Adeline smiled for the last time,but after that I knew she's already dead.


Hercules destroyed the power plant moments later.He was so much depress that he didn't even join the celebration for his sucsess (I don't how to spell it!! Yes I am not a good speller) Now hope was bought back in this city of suffering.