Last Meeting

I looked at the sky, my mother is going to drive me today to Grace Christian College. I felt sad at the same time nervous and excited. This is the last day. The final exam, the last time I will see him, but what if he doesn’t attend? What if…

I reach the top floor and what I saw shock me, our classroom in ruins. What happened?

“That was last week pa, have you forgotten?” I looked behind me and saw Lesley Balete, my best friend. We seldom meets, twice every month since we aren’t really schoolmates. We met during the summer, we were roommates on a camp, and since then we were always in touch with each other.

“I was absent, last week. I went to Ecologic 2011 remember?” She sighed and then she started explaining what happened. The room was suddenly destroyed after a 3.0 magnitude  earthquake appeal last Friday. The Earthquake apparently didn’t affect the other classrooms

“Everybody come with me. I’ll lead you to another room.” Our teacher Mr. Gerero said .I looked around and saw Abby and Paul following Mr. Gerero. Where is he? I asked Paul, his best friend.

“I have no idea too.” Then he started going away from me. At first I didn’t follow, still hoping for him to come. After a good 5 minutes past no one came, so I decided to follow.

Mr.Gerero asked me if I knew where Patricia, Luke, Bernadette, Andrea and Elena are. I answered him with the words I don’t know. Just then Elena and Andrea came rushing in. They said they couldn’t find the classroom so that’s why they were late.

After the test, I lost all hope of seeing him again. I wish I didn’t attend that stupid contest last Saturday and went here instead, If I knew that it would be the last time we’ll be meeting each other.

“You are so stupid Luke! “Andrea looked at me, then she comforted me. Elena decided to change the subject to our final exam.

I wish I could have said goodbye that last Saturday instead of denying to Patricia that I love him. I found myself remembering the time we depart ways. About him not giving me a Christmas gift. About his answer on no.13 being wrong. I smiled, I’ll meet him again I know that. I believe in him. I’ll see him again