Rain pours down from the sky as he ran to the nearest dry place possible. He ended up at a nearby 7-11, shivering from the cold. There was nobody in there but him and the guy that sat behind the counter, playing his all-new 3DS. He checks his watch. 8:30 PM.

Suddenly a young woman came in, half running, half jogging. He realize she didn't carry an umbrella, so he assume that she was here to wait out the rain as well. He followed the girl down the snack isle. "Hey there," he said, attempting to start a conversation. He figured that if he was going to be stuck here for the next few hours, he might as well talk to the only person here that seem interesting.

"Hi," the girl said, her voice small and quiet.

"So, how's you're evening going?" he asked with a small and playful smile on his face.

She laughs. He liked her laugh. "Pretty good, how 'bout yours?"

"Oh, it was good. Until it started raining and I couldn't go home 'cause I don't have an umbrella and my car's at the repair shop so I have to walk home."

"You talk a lot."

"Want a coffee? My treat."

"No thanks, I'll buy one myself."

And so she got a cup of cocoa and he a cup of coffee. They stood there talking and laughing, sipping from their cup until the rain stopped. Then he walked her home because he insisted to, and because he kept saying how it was dark out and that she wouldn't be safe walking to her house alone. At her door, they exchanged phone numbers, and each went their separate ways.

That was 4 years ago. Now she sits here in the hospital waiting room. He had gotten in a car crash with a driver that had lost control because of the falling rain. Just a hour ago she was fixing their anniversary dinner, and he had promised to come home early. She got a phone call, dropped everything she was doing, and rushed here. Now she's in the waiting room, praying. Praying that he would be alright. Praying that the injuries weren't so bad. Praying that he wouldn't, couldn't possibly, die.

The doctor came out, and she immediately shot up from her seat. "I'm sorry," the doctor says, and walks away, his footsteps echoing in the dim hallway.

Tears came streaming down her face, and she sat down and hugged her knees, shaking.

If it wasn't for the rain, they wouldn't have met.

If it wasn't for the rain, he wouldn't have died.