All I felt right now was Hatred. Isn't she content yet?She already took everything from me.From my friends to my pride.

She was suppose to be my best friend.She was suppose to be the one who understands me.She's a devil in disguise.She hummilate me in Facebook.She wrote the list of people I got a crush on.Some of them aren't my crush anymore but still it's really is embarassing if the list have 15 names on it.We were just teasing each other about our crushes when she did this.And the worst of all this is when I got nothing to get back at her.

"I hate you! You got all the fame and even though what you do people will always thinks you're the victim!You started this whole mess!Now all people tease me,You don't know how bad I feel right now!You'll never know."

She laughs and started talking about a different subject about our teachers and the stuff.I absolutely hate her now."I can't believe you have the courage to even change the subject!"She laughs again.ughh.

"Do you even know what does I hate you means?"She stop laughing and frown."I'm not stupid you know."

She started getting out of the classroom.Before she can even reach the door I yelled at her "I HATE YOU!" I left right after.The high School teacher accross the room went inside the room I was"Who the hell yelled?"

Sometimes best friends fights.Well sometimes isn't the right word,always.I really appriciate you guys for having the same feeling as I am but no matter what I won't leave my best friend.She's the best friend who told me I shouldn't let others bully me.She help me get away from my former group. She's the only one who help me realize that someone loves me.I love you Bea,and thank you for everything you have done to me.You're the only one who's always there when I'm sad.You are the bestest friend I ever had.