This is the first book in the Decline of Light series by Moodle.

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A Note on the DatesEdit

BE = Before Empire

M = Millenium

Also, the months are the same as in real life.

Cast of CharactersEdit





In this story, Anzai is 16, Masato 19, and Akira 15.


Praelect. Servants of the Gods chosen to fulfill specific tasks, each with their own goal. Through them, the Gods are able to influence the events of the Multi-Present timeline, past, present, and future. In the third uprising of the rogue god Diabolos, war is reignited, brother pitted against brother, father against son. With the two main concerns of Diabolos, the realms of Harldfrost and Centanium, pitted against one another in a second brutal civil war, he launched a blitzkrieg style campaign, hell-bent on dominating the world. Using the civil war to his advantage, he obliterated Harldfrost, forcing its people to flee out of even history. Harldfrost had been the military capital of the United Kingdom of New Terracoda, as united Harldfrost and Centanium had been called. Furthermore, the population of Harldfrost was made up of mostly descendants of Terracodans, the elder race of men blessed by the Gods with elemental powers and enhanced combat skills. With his main opponents incapacitated and scattered afar in no shape to rejoin the fight, he turned his focus on Centanium.

Utilising his blitzkrieg tactics, he reached the very eastern half of Centanium itself. On the brink of victory, he invaded the capital of Centanium, Xiphrost. Whether it was the viligance and will to survive of the people and soldiers of Xiphrost none can tell. However it drove the forces of Diabolos out of the city, all the way to the eastern-most city of Centanium, Golodward. With the war at a stalemate, there was nothing Diabolos could do, infuriating his plans. However, on Midsummer's Day, he gained the upper advantage, capturing the son of the President, High Regent and Protectorate of Xiphrost, Prince Ryanthus. Also upon this day, the Goddess Alta, seeking to exploit Diabolos's moment of weakness, cursed/blessed a young boy by the name of Anzai with a Mark, signifying him as one of the praelect, forever altering whatever possible life he might have had and bringing upon him the burden of the future of the world.