Founded at the age of five, six miles from lay lines. He is a psychic, and his powers increase when he nears a lay line, or an intesection. Since being found with only a nametag that said: "Hello my name is: Cyrus", He was given the middle and last name Animales Amissa, by the people who found him.


Only 14 currently, 6' exactly, usually wears jeans and a pure black hoodie, usually you can't see his eyes because he often has his hood up, but he has blue eyes, and brown hair.


A Psychic, he has power over pyrokenetics, and electrokenetics. In English, he has power to use flames and electricity to his uses. He also can read minds and use limited teleportation. He claims he doesn't need to see, so he usually wears his hood. His psychic rank is a 6, and has meidum level energy to use his powers. For some reason, he can use more energy and stronger powers the more closer he is to lay lines.