At Least Say Goodbye

You close the door in my face.

Then you say you need your space.

You do these things that make me scream.

But to you, what does it mean?


That's what I am to you.

I can see it in the things you do,

You just want to be free.

I guess you never loved me.

I guess it's better that way.

But I think you should at least say,


I'm know I'm not perfect,

But I'm not something to neglect.

I'm trying to let you go

and it wasn't so long ago

that I thought you loved me.

What do I have to be?

What do I have to do,

to let you know that I love you?

You've left me again,

and I know this time won't be the last.

I'm trying to put my feelings in the past,

But I can only think of you.

In every single thing I do,

I only have you in mind.

But I know I'll find,

you haven't thought of me



ALSG is directed to no one in particular... I just get bored and write angsty poems :3

XP This would make a great rap... 'specially for Eminem.... anyway...... HOPE YOU ENJOYED! :D