Personality and AppearanceEdit

His name, Arash, means bright or truthful in Persian Mythology. His parents died when he was born for unspecific reasons, and he truly believes that they are still alive. Part Irish and English, he has a tiny bit of Irish accent.

He is slim and well-built, and always wear a ring on his right index finger. He has dark brown cropped hair, and can be say to be handsome. Attitude toward others is cold, doesn't trust anyone around him, and when he does, then you are one of the lucky few. He is afraid of being too close to someone, as he is afraid he might lose them like the way he lost his parents. Doesn't show his feelings, and when he does, it's rather rare and means he trusts you fully.

He has a soft spot, even though he seems hard and cruel.

The Hale InstituteEdit

After his parents died, the head of The Hale Institute took him and trained him as an agent.


He plays with his ring when he is nervous. Prefers working solo.


"Group work means you gotta rely on others. When I was young, I was taught to trust no one. Not even your parents." -Arash Gallagher

"I just want everyone to be happy." -Arash Gallagher

"I don't have a mom or dad. So consider yourselves lucky." -Arash Gallagher

"I wish someone would scold me." -Arash Gallagher

"You show your emotions, you're dead to the enemy, because they know how to make your emotions work against you." -Arash Gallagher