Adela Andrea
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age 13
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Light brown
Height 5'2"
Alias Adi
Affiliation Self
Weapons Whatever she can get her hands on
Species Faerie/Elf
Home Erfilmah
Appearances Boundaries of Reality

Adela Andrea (אַדעלאַ אַנדריאַis) the deuteragonist of the story Boundaries of Reality.


Before BirthEdit

Adela was born to a Faerie mother and an Elvaan father. Nothing has been revealed about her past so far.


Boundaries of RealityEdit


"Crying? Warriors cannot afford to cry--it is a sign of weakness."

Adela is a very independent and fiercely-driven girl. She follows her heart rather than her mind, which often leads her to do rash things. The Captain describes her as proud as a peacock, stubborn as a mule. She has a fiery tempermant, and is blunt and straightforward. Adela only trusts a select few people, and often avoids making promises and commitments.

Adela stands firmly by what she truly believes in, and nevers gives up without a fight. She is her own leader, and does not let others control her. She has a sharp tongue, and will not hesitate to give others a piece of her mind, no matter what the consequences are. She is impatient, and quick to anger. Adela always wins arguments. A thirst for adventure lies close to her heart, and she is daring and reckless, and will not hesitate to take risks if necessary.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Adela has waist-length light brown hair which she wears pulled back into a tight braid, olive skin, and high

Adela With Her Hair Down (closest outfit I could find)

cheekbones. She has a slender, lithe build and pointed ears, common characteristics among elves. Adela has bright purple eyes which change color depending on her mood, a trait that she inherited from her mother. She is also much shorter than most elves, due to the fact that her mother is a Faerie.

She usually wears a light green tunic made of plant fibers, brown woolen slacks, leather boots, and a woven grass belt which she attaches her knife and dagger to. Adela occasionally wears a dark green cloak in cold weather.